Dallas Pool Demolition

Our pool removal process

Welcome to Dallas Pool Demolition, a division of the Larman Construction Company. We are located in Garland, Texas and have become the #1 swimming pool removal company in the Dallas area. With over twenty years experience in the business, we know pool removal like no one else.

Here at Larman Construction, we specialize in swimming pools. We not only remove pools, but we excavate them, too. We're the experts. We take great pride in our technique for swimming pool demolition and removal.

Once you're ready to have your pool removed, we will take care of getting a building permit, if one is required. Before we begin we will disconnect your power, gas, and plumbing.

All of the water must be removed from the pool. We can pump the water out if the pool equipment is no longer functioning.

Drained swimming pool, ready to be demolished.

Using a wrecking ball, we smash holes in strategic places in the floor and smash the walls.

A wrecking ball smashes the walls and floor of the pool.

The concrete is then broken into smaller pieces and placed in dump trucks, which haul it to a concrete recycling plant. We will also haul off any unwanted equipment or decking.

The pool's concrete is broken up into smaller pieces.

All evidence of the pool is completely removed. We do not leave buried any concrete, rebar, pipes or trash. We take pictures of the clean, empty hole for you to keep on file. If, at some point, you want to sell your property, the pictures will show that there is no remaining evidence of the pool.

The pool has been completely removed, leaving only an empty hole.

Good fill dirt is then brought in to fill the hole. Due to our knowledge and years of experience in grading, we are able to level your yard for a perfect look and best drainage. The dirt is heavily compacted a layer at a time, leaving no danger of sinking in the future.

You can now do whatever you'd like with your new yard!

The pool has been completely removed, leaving only an empty hole.